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Sadly, I have no access to livejournal in work so I may be moving to a more work friendly blog site.

I had lots to write about but can't recall anything now.
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running the socks off me!

The entry procedure for the Ballycotton Run is up. Of course the easy part is applying for an entry form...

Why do sock manufacturers sell packets of socks where there is only a slight difference in colour between the pairs? It wrecks my head. I don't really want to be straining my eyesight trying to establish if one sock matches the colour of another sock. Is it cheaper for manufacturers to dilute the dye between batches? Which is worse completely mismatching socks or slightly mismatching socks?

Of course the real question is why the hell I bought them in the first place?

GAA , stop confusing me!

Ok, I am confused (easily done says some of you). Am I just missing something?
I wrote recently about the new hurling structure, as described by the GAA and as described on WikiPedia. According to these links there are twelve teams eligible for the championship: Dublin, Kilkenny, Laois, Offaly, Wexford, Clare, Cork, Limerick, Tipperary, Waterford, Galway and Antrim.

How does the revised Leinster format fit into the new all Ireland structure? According to the revised format, "Westmeath, Dublin, Offaly and Laois will now vie for a place in the semi-finals against the two traditional powerhouses". Am I missing something, Westmeath are not listed as being eligible for the all Ireland series so how are they eligible for the Leinster series? And if there are two games in the first round, who plays the winner of Antrim versus Galway? What gives?
Help me please!!!

All-Ireland Hurling series

The GAA have done it again, they have reorganised the structure of the hurling championship for 2008. It is much more complicated now. There are 12 teams selected for the championship, five in Munster, five in Leinster, and Galway and Antrim. There is also the possibility of a team being promoted from and relegated to the Christie Ring cup, which leads to a possible flaw in the system.

The Munster and Leinster championships remain knockout competitions. These two championships will have the same structure: a first round match, followed by semi-finals and then the final. I presume a draw will take place to decide which three teams go straight into semi-finals and which two teams have to play for last semi-final spot.

Again, there is a second chance for all teams, except for the winners of the Munster and Leinster championships, and except for Antrim and Galway. The bonus for the championship winners is that they go straight into the all Ireland semi-finals. The structure for the second chance is complicated with a number of play-offs between losing teams and also the introduction of relegation for a team.

This is where there is a flaw in the structure. The structure does not cater for the case where a Leinster or Munster team gets relegated and a team from outside Munster and Leinster get promoted. I know this is unlikely, but Murphy’s Law often surprises us.

Here is an example of the new structure in action.

Munster Championship

1. First Round:
Tipperary vs. Clare

2. Semi Finals:
Tipp vs. Waterford, Limerick vs. Cork

3. Final:
Tipp vs. Cork

Leinster Championship

1. First round:
Laois vs. Dublin

2. Semi Finals:
Laois vs. Wexford, Kilkenny vs. Offaly

3. Final:
Wexford vs. Kilkenny

The first round of the all-Ireland series consists of a game between Galway and Antrim, presumably because of the lack of hurling teams in their provinces.

1. Galway vs. Antrim
The winners of this game play the losers of the Leinster first round game and the losers play the losers of the Munster first round game.

2. Galway vs. Dublin, Antrim vs. Clare

The losers of the provincial semi-finals play off against the losers in the other province. I presume a draw decides who plays whom.

3. Waterford vs. Laois, Limerick vs. Offaly

The winners of games in 2 will play against winners of games in 3. Again I presume a draw decides who plays whom.

4. Galway vs. Waterford, Limerick vs. Clare.

The winners of these games play against losers of the provincial finals. This round is the all Ireland quarterfinals.

5. Galway vs. Wexford, Limerick vs. Cork.

The winners go into the all Ireland semi finals play against the provincial winners.

6. Galway vs. Tipp, Limerick vs. Kilkenny.

The winners go into the final.

The next thing to be decided is the team that goes into the relegation playoff.

The losers of the games in 2 play against each other, with the loser of that game going into the relegation playoff.

7. Dublin vs. Antrim

The loser then plays the winner of the Christy ring cup.

8. Dublin vs. Down (winner of Christy ring cup) in relegation playoff.

This is where there is a flaw in the structure. Down cannot play in the provincial championships and there is no

Angus? Who the hell is Angus?

I cannot believe that MacGyver or rather the actor who plays MacGyver, Richard Dean Anderson is 57 years old. He was iun Dublin to promote some game consoles thingy for some company that apparently wants to rule the world. Anyway He was being interviewed on the radio while he was out shopping which seemed odd but has to be done I suppose.

Why is Boots telling Irish women to get gorgeous? I don't like their implication, especially as most of the s I know don't need any of Boots's products.

I also can't believe that McGyver had a first name!!

Tango Delight

There were lots of gorgeous people at the Tango party on Saturday night for the return of our teacher Veronica. I was completely intimidated by them and also by the "foreign" talented dancers who also attended. Of course, maybe if I actually practiced and put more effort in then I could become better, but instead I blanked and as usual could not remember many moves. Going to head back to salsa soon, think might start with Pery as class suits me better, though might try daffies also for a few weeks. See what happens.

Its up to the fans!

Many hopes, expectations, dreams, and possibly even holidays suffered a cruel blow from a second lacklustre performance from the Irish rugby team. My heart had slowed down under the strain, while my adominal organs were crying in despair. The sinking feeling remained until I arrived at the Tango party for the return of the lovely Veronica on Saturday night.

Most of the passion in the match came from the Georgian team, where most of the players pounded their bodies attacking a resilient Irish team. While moral victories don't get teams trophies, they do go a long way to helping players get recognition. Hopefully the Georgian players will reap some rewards for their valiant efforts.

Whatever is the cause for the past performances, the players need support for the next ones. I think that Irish fans have a huge role in providing a boost of confidence to the players in the next two games. This team has provided many exciting moments for Irish sports fans. So I hope that the fans in France get behind the team, avoid the prawn sandwiches, and show the team that we believe in them.

A vague memory recalls a Munster player describing the boost he received in the Heiniken Cup Final after seeing the crowd in O'Connell street appear on the big screen during the game. This Irish team needs a similar boost and it is up to the fans to provide it. Help them, and cheer them on. Hopes, expectations, and dreams may have suffered but a united Ireland, players and fans, can reignite the spark, and restablish the belief.

Maybe I should be as optimistic with the Irish soccer team?

two praise

I must praise Wowwee for their great personalised gifts, especially in the baby area. I have used them for a while now and they provide a really good service.

Congrats to the lovely Cudley Dudley for completing her PhD, great stuff. And hopefully there will be some more PhD completions in next couple months!

so little time

Played soccer yesterday evening with Skitz, wow was I so unfit for it. I think I'll have to change my fitness regime, or at least add to it a good bit more.

Yey for the Irish Ebay MD and fraudband! Though I think most people knew this a long time ago, is he a bit behind the times also?